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Eurorail has 3 areas of expertise

Eurorail meets your logistical and railtransport needs. 

We offer the market an all-inclusive railway solution, by appealing to an experienced team with a perfect understanding of railways, as well as a vast knowledge of our clients' products, such as paper, nutrition, steel, chemicals.

As cultivator and promotor of railway undertaking by creating a buying of capacities dedicated to single wagon loads, the development of a system focussed on single wagons in 2009, and driving force in the development of short line hauliers, Eurorail is one of the pioneers in the revival of railway transportation.

Division of turnover

Freight forwarder 56%
Logistics 29%
Trains 15%

Freight forwarder

commissionnaireEurorail is the architect and developer of your transport solution.
Specialized in single wagon loads, we organize and execute the door to door transport of the physical flows of our clients by choosing the best suited partners and routes, taking into account rates, transit times and quality.
We also act as advisors and offer innovative solutions to the market.




stockageEurorail assures the management of product flows, tracking and tracing, warehousing, cross docking, scanning in realtime. 
stock management is organized using adapted software and a client interface. 
Handling equipment are adapted to the different activities: pallets, reels, electrical appliances, bulk..;


Transport organizer and railway undertaking

operateur-ferroviaireEach project is unique. By developing tools required for the transport of their products, we offer our clients and prospects the best suitable solutions, in order to meet their expectations/requirements
We invest to update innovative and durable solutions.  
Depending on the schedules, itineraries, Eurorail can take the risk to buy train capacity and take the responsibility for using the capacity to the fullest.

Traction and operations on the French national network

Eurorail, an equal shared joint venture of Eurorail and Railroad Development Corporation of Henry Posner III, develops and manages French short line hauliers, in partnership with local stakeholders. CFR in Burgundy (60% shareholder), RegioRail Languedoc Roussillon (51%), RegioRail Lorraine (80%), and RegioRail Champagne Ardenne (51%). Further projects are examined.  



RegioRail is active in following markets

  • Providing the first mile / last mile of a rail transport, RegioRail hands over wagons to railway undertakings specialized in the long haul.
  • RegioRail ensures transports over (very) short distances.
  • RegioRail is active on the rail infrastructures of rail connected companies and ensures the local shunting operations.

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through our partner Ecotransit, Eurorail is looking for the best solution to limit your ecological footprint.

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